Streets from Strasbourg, France by Frozen Sailor

To be a Good company

To be a good company is a key aspect of Frozen Sailor. Let me explain…

German Philsopher I. Kant believes that the rightness or wrongness of actions does not depend on their consequences but on whether they fulfil our duty… So what’s above all, what's our universal duty ?

Streets from Strasbourg, France by Frozen Sailor


We need to change the world in several aspects and at the same time, we are clearly conscious that in order to make things change at a global stage, every company and person must act too.

Now, social Media is taking every minute of our leisure time, at home, sometimes at work too, we can’t deny it … This leisure time is precious and some believe that our attention is theirs, with no condition whatsoever. Thus we need a personal upgrade about how information is being treated online. Our best influencer, friend or family member use to share interesting stories through social media but are they true ? we are conscious that fake news are everywhere, they are a hazard to the free speech world…

Based on that, Frozen Sailor needs to make a statement :

  • Our Green commitment : We believe in our planet, our home. We have to be conscious that the way multinationals produce, consumers purchase and States allow is not sustainable way to live. Now, planting trees is a clear and practical way to reduce pollution. Being the biggest plants on this plant, they give us oxygen, store carbon, stabilise the soil and give life to the world’s wildlife. Moreover, we never overproduce stock of Fine Art Prints and have minimal waste.

  • Our Social Commitment : no matter where are you from, what do you believe or your way to think, we believe in a tolerant world. We enjoy sharing visual stories of the community. This community is growing and is global. And we work 100% remote, we work together, but we don’t share an office.


We have a Good Page is live here. Feel free to check it out and leave comments about it.

Article by Frozen Sailor

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