Berlin Tv Tower Art Print by Frozen Sailor

Choosing the right place for Fine Art Prints

Choosing a Fine Art Print / Photography among the selection in the catalog (I have already made a list of some pictures..), print it (or at least sending the Fine Art Print order to our German Print Lab), receiving it printed at our atelier in Bordeaux and finally, moving it around the apartment in order to fit to a perfect location…. Where could it be placed in order to inspire and shine ?

Actually, last Sunday I confess I spent roughly 4 hours carefully placing those fine art prints around the apartment. The task wasn’t easy, no. It requires attention above all and a clear plan / harmony related to the existing decoration and furnitures.. At the apartment, our walls are rather large, at the living room, dining room and the night rooms ; what’s more those walls have few or no decoration (we have moved recently… ). So I thought to myself, it is time to bring beauty (meaning curiosity of exploring the world) to these '“nearly” empty walls. Your art collection would start here, now, at your living room.


Today, I’m sharing with you a sample of Fine Art Prints framed I have chosen in my apartment, you can see them below.


Now, I’m giving a bonus : I have created a Step by Step guide on How to Hang Fine Art Prints, feel free to read it and share it. There’s more than having a hammer and nails in order to hang the print with taste and harmony !

Article by Frozen Sailor

Berlin Tv Tower Art Print by Frozen Sailor


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