B2B Art Print Catalogue by Frozen Sailor

Creating a B2B Art Print Catalogue

I believe that a beautiful art print must be seen or imagined in a physical place before buying it, it is part of the purchasing process. A customer (B2C) or client (B2B) needs to imagine the art print hung at its living room (or bedroom) or at a wall at the concept store.

Now, I’ve been working on a B2B art print catalogue for several weeks now. For one hand, B2C customers bring a closer relationship to the brand, focused on a more personal relationship with Frozen Sailor, including the rebel fish. Those B2C customers love to share its thoughts about the brand... On the other hand, a selection of B2B clients would carry a key aspect to Frozen Sailor : by hanging art prints on the walls of a concept store or art store, B2C customers would be able to understand the brand in a different way. A B2C customer will be able to put the smartphone or laptop away (at least for 15 minutes), enter the concept store and see the fine art print in a more personal way.. . I know and you know it, right now we’re living under a “closed world”, a world suffering in several ways from Covid 19. And e-commerce industry is doing well in terms of revenue since Covid 19 (people purchase from their laptops in order to keep safe). However, all this work goes beyond this locked-down period. It’s a matter of time…


Let’s go back to the retail industry world. Retail Stores have been facing e-commerce from several years now (I would say decades for some sectors inside the industry) but they are fighting back. A concept store is here, at the corner of your favorite hipster district, to bring back the pleasure of going physic. A more selective shopping : feeling and handling unique products (including art prints) before purchase is a key element that e-commerce is not able to offer. I believe that Art Prints (and the art world industry) can easily go online with a curated catalogue and clear information about the assortment, however it needs the physical presence. The feeling of an art print, of a blue shape or a composition of colorful houses would be only felt by going physic.

This B2B catalogue, the first one since the website has been lunched, is a curated selection of travel art prints. The power of the understanding or interpreting the real meaning of a shape, of a color, of a dream is very inherent to the art world.. And a meaningful art print hung in a trendy wall is part of the process to fully understand the essence of the art world.


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