Christimas downtown in Strasbourg, France by Frozen Sailor

Discovering Strasbourg in Winter

This city in Eastern France, called Strasbourg will surprise your soul… and your belly too.

Christimas downtown in Strasbourg, France by Frozen Sailor

I went to Strasbourg this month, on December 2019 and I have enjoyed it as a small kid, as a curious photographer looking for novelty during winter season.

Strasbourg is located in Eastern France in Alsace region, which has been known throughout history as a city at the crossroads.

Over more than a thousands of years, Strasbourg has straddled many kingdoms and many cultures : Germans, French being the most important. Two religions have flourished (Catholic and Protestant) and 3 languages comprise an ancient oath that bears the city's name.

When visiting Strasbourg at its heart, which is its main island, you will feel as if you were looking at a movie backdrop, its architecture embraces different styles from the Medieval, Renaissance, Romantic and Art Nouveau eras. Of course, as you can see in the picture, Strasbourg specially dresses in Christmas. Every street and building in the center wears a Christmas decoration with taste and tradition. The city has embraced Christmas festivities since XVI century !

Now, more about the food in Strasbourg. The once rustic Alsatian cuisine has evolved and now, it mixes contemporary and traditional dishes, rooted in ancestral know-how and using simple but excellent quality products. For sure, downtown restaurants will offer the most popular dishes, which are : Choucroute (grated cabbage pickled in wine, accompanied by sausages and slow-cooked pork), Tarte à l’oignon (a typical pie packed with layers of shredded soft caramelized onions) and Flammekuech (or Tarte Flambée, a thin pastry slathered with creme fraiche, onions and bacon bits, very similar to pizza).

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