Autumn in Tours, France by Frozen Sailor

Changing leaves in October - The Frozen Sailor Minute

As we move steadily through the month of October towards the winter, the days are growing shorter and colder and the leaves around us may be starting to turn if they haven’t already... Do you like the Autumn tones ? Looking around, the world has changed considerably since Covid took by surprise our daily lives in March! And as you read our newsletter, think of the ways that your life has changed, think of the ways your life has stayed the same, and reflect on the silver linings that have come from this challenging time.

Autumn in Tours, France by Frozen Sailor


As the seasons change, our mood is prone to do so as well and it is only healthy to acknowledge! Lovers of arts and culture may be feeling an emptiness without in-person events, theater, and museums - it is understandable to grieve these changes. Remember, beauty and aesthetics appears in all forms, and we are here to appreciate it however it may be!

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Culture at a glance

  • Those who are fans of opera may be disappointed to hear that the Met Opera 2020-2021 season has been cancelled… On a positive note, the season will open in September 2021 with Terence Blanchard’s Fire Shut up in My Bones. In the meantime, for a great price you can watch your favorites from home via Met Opera on Demand ! Link here. 

  • A famous lost painting by Leonardo da Vinci - found? Art experts and historians announce that after searching for signs of the painting, The Battle of Anghiari, which was rumored to be hidden behind a wall or sealed behind other artwork, was never actually painted to begin with. In looking both at analysis of possible locations and notes from the time of the painting, experts say it was unlikely that the wall was prepared in the style it needed to be for painting, so the finished work never took place.

  • Speaking of the art of great masters, many people have started collecting art during their time in quarantine ! The pandemic has made it possible for some people to spend their free time curating a space that makes home feel more inviting and energising. Markets in Asia and Europe have been leading the way in finding rising young artists, dealing in the works of old classics, and more ! Have you found a favorite piece in quarantine ?

  • Edward Tufte will be holding a stunning sculpture park in Connecticut (USA) in October, spreading over 100 gorgeous pieces with several Km of trails to walk, hike, and wander. As we try to keep our distance and maintain our health, consider this adaptable solution. Are there sculpture parks or something similar near you ?


Our October selection

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  • Channel Manche (left) : Normandy reminds us a maritime region in the north where it's pleasant to see the rain fall from your cosy week-end Airbnb. Channel Manche reveals the beauty of its pebble coast, where French and English speakers set sail... Link here

  • Le Cher Flatiron : What would be Manhattan without Flatiron building ? Ever since the Flatiron was erected at the foot of Madison Square Park in 1902, it has filled with tenants, most of which were small businesses. Songwriters tickled piano keys for sheet-music publishers and dentists buzzed their drills. This creation reminds us the beauty of one the most iconic NY skyscrapers Link here


Etretat White Cliffs in Normandy, France by Frozen Sailor

Summer harbour from Hydra Island, Greece by Frozen Sailor
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