Launch of Frozen Sailor Website

The world wide web (WWW) has the tiny number of 1.5 Billion websites from companies, non profits, government bodies and people around the world.

Deep in the ocean of WWW,Ā Frozen Sailor websiteĀ has been launched, on August 20th 2019, from the medium-size city of Bordeaux, France. You probably come from Instagram, Facebook or youā€™re simply my neighbour in downtown Bordeaux to whom I talk to aboutā€¦

I invite you to check the website, for instance theĀ About UsĀ to know more about the project, share one page or two on on Facebook or Twitter and give me someĀ feedbackĀ ! Very important to grow !

Have a look to theĀ Shop !, if one the Fine Art Prints Limited Edition suit you, purchase one of them !

Thanks, Merci,


Francisco /Ā Founder ofĀ Frozen Sailor

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