Colonial House in Colombia by Frozen Sailor

A Green Contribution in November 🌲

Well, last time I wrote about the need for all of us to be part of change, of a green change


Colonial House in Colombia by Frozen Sailor

I’m travelling to Colombia, in South America on November 8th (in less than 2 weeks, time is running !). For many, this country is not well-known abroad or even considered as a dangerous place. However it is an amazing country : you can’t miss colonial cities such as 16th century Villa de Leyva (In the Andean Moutains in Boyaca, near Bogota) or Mompox (in the Caribbean region in the north). Moreover. Its inhabitants are warm and friendly (some would say that in Caribbean region Colombians are friendlier than those from mountain cities in the center). Civil war has ended and now, Colombia is slowly open to tourism…

Nature is splendid and biodiversity is a must in Colombia : for every 10 species of flore and fauna, one is. found in Colombia. This country is said to have 56 K species, of which 9 K are endemic (meaning unique..). And we know that trees reduce the amount of storm water runoff, which reduces erosion and pollution. The trees provide food and protection for animals : birds, mammals…

In Colombia, a lot of tourists would certainly will leave the airport straight to the beaches of Caribbean (Cartagena, Santa Marta, San Andres island), where sunny weather and fancy hotels prevail (there are also budget hotels too, for sure..). But on November I’m going to Boyaca, a department in the Andean Mountains at the east of Bogota, well known for its green landscapes, farmlands and cold and rainy weather. The people leaving there are rather humble but gentle. In Boyaca you can find odd things too such as an Onion Statue or delicious Arepas filled with cheese (corn patty, smaller than Mexican tortilla). Yummy.

Now green awareness is growing but we need to going beyond that : we can leave a positive and green print on this planet now.

Today I’m launching a Tree Fundraising 🌲:

  • 1 Euro = 1 Tree planted. No hidden fees.

  • Every Euro you will donate will be spent on the purchase of 1 tree : to make a contribution, simply click the link below. You can donatefrom 1 Euro (1.1 US dollar or 0.86 Pound Sterling) : you got the point.

  • The tree will be planted in Boyaca region during my stay : I will stay for 2 weeks, starting from November 8th.

  • All details about the process of selection and plantation will be showcased on my Instagram account .

  • A digital photo of the tree planted and certificate will be given on every donation.

  • If you have made a donation, your Instagram account will appear with some details of your tree. You can ask more details if you want to


I prefer deeds than words, so let’s start !

Article by Frozen Sailor 🌿


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