A New partnership 2021 : Frozen Sailor x Etsy

A New partnership 2021 : Frozen Sailor x Etsy

2021 must be a year of change, of improvement… Let’s explore how :)

At Frozen Sailor, we keep confidence alive... We keep working and smiling, even during wintery or rainy times. We believe that situation will go back to normal but it will take time. Patience is needed.

And today, we are happy to announce a new collaboration. Frozen Sailor is now present on the leading marketplace for independent creators : Etsy.

We have opened an Online store on Art Prints Limited Edition (as you may have guessed) at Etsy a few weeks ago and we are impressed by the enthusiasm of its audience... People are loving our Art Prints ! :)


Frozen Sailor x Etsy

  • Let's roll in ! We invite you to check our Boutique at Etsy :

  • We have launched more new Art Prints than before. The catalogue has now 50 Art prints and counting !

  • Shipping fees are offered on every order from Europe (EU and non EU). And reduced fees for USA and Canada.

  • And as always, Frozen Sailor will plant a tree on every Art Print purchased. Trees are life !

Try it : You can like (fave) some of the Art Prints you enjoy the most.

Some of our prints

Pilari ∙ Mallorca Art Print

This island in the Spanish Mediterranean has a clear sunny personality thanks to its ravishing beaches, azure views, remote mountains and animated hilly towns.

Discover this drone art print here

Lotus Taman ∙ Bali Art Print

Going eastwards, this time to Indonesia : Bali. Ubud is located in the uplands of this island, one of the thousands islands of Indonesia. A mighty temple at the heart of Bali's cultural capital.

Explore this Balinese temple art print here


Hope you’ll enjoy our selection of Art Prints Limited Edition ! :)

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