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Saturday, April 16th 2022


Val D'Orcia, Italy

Versailles, France

Tam Coc, Vietnam


Prague Boho Print bohemian door ? Actually Prague was  a former region of "Bohemia"

Prague Boho Print  - Spring Collection
This week we have launched our Spring collection : from Re Island (a tiny island in the French Atlantic Ocean) to a Buddha Vintage Print from Japan as well as some creations from Norway too ! Plus we have a new set of City Posters from Americas, Europe and Asia ! If you want to see your city too, just send us a message : we will be glad to create your own city !

Our reading and video section
 Ideas to for your weekend, to read and listen to !


  • 5 Tricks to think like a designers   Great designers, artists and visionaries know the importance to be consistent and use several skills when creating. I will read it more than twice. Link here
  • Essential Life-Learnings from 14 Years of Brain Pickings   What is to be human ? Interesting short article about ourselves . Link here
  • "Road to Nowhere" by O. Osbourne, I stumble upon this song when travelling last year. A classical, this song never gets old.  Link here
  • The largest wildlife animal crossing in the world will be located over a California highway. Wild animals will be soon cross the catwalks, true ! Link here
  • And this quote about unicorns :

It is my belief that the next 1,000 unicorn (companies that have a market valuation over a 1 Bn Dollars) won’t be a search engine, won’t be a media company, they’ll be businesses developing green hydrogen, green agriculture, green steel, and green cement.” - L.Fink


Have an excellent weekend, all !
Francisco, founder

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