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Weird Ice Cream - Frozen Sailor


When we think about it, it was a strange summer this year : last Sunday, the Bassin d'Arcachon was filled with Parisians and tourists beyond the frontiers. I was in the middle of the chatty crowds with my friends, ready to merrily enjoy the agitated Atlantic waves. It was 2:12 pm and enthusiasm reached its peak under the French sun : we were going to enjoy an Atlantic bath. So I opened my backpack and I found my keys, the sun cream, a bottle of Champagne (we were going to drink at sunset) and my blue towel. But there were no signs of my swim short :  it was drying at home alone...

If Summer 2021 was an actor, I would think about M. Cotillard's performance on Batman The Dark Night Rises : unexpected and worrisome.. 

This Summer was  a strange creature : Weather has become (more) unpredictable. In some places masks are becoming mandatory (again), such as Los Angeles. Even the Tokyo Olympic Games were bizarre enough for both reporters (who had to stay on buses) and athletes.


My Summer was strange enough like eating a cone without ice cream. With all that being said, we hope you have enjoyed this summer, at least with swim shorts.

Happy reading !


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Culture at a glance

  • Stonehenge is indestructible . This prehistoric structure is complex. Analysis of a core sample taken from of the site's massive blocks is made from 99.7% quartz crystals. A stone very resistant to erosion and weathering. 
  • "Thermopolium", Pompeii's ancient fast food restaurant reopens. In a museum-like form, of course. An ancient restaurant that served honey - roasted rodents  (among other beasts) shows to visitors frescoes that adorned the old Roman venue. One of the frescoes even features ingredients such as dead roosters, an ancient grafitti or even an unfriendly domestic dog !



  • P. Almodovar's lactating nipple is banned. Instagram has banned posts showing a lactating female nipple depicted on a poster to promote the Spanish director's new film Madres Paralelas. As you have guessed, the social media removed it for breaking its "rules against nudity". Crucially, Instagram nudity ban doesn't apply to male nipples.
  • Hamburg sees a new sculpture garden open.  Berlin's Wentrup Gallery expands to Hamburg, into a lakeside art villa. It aims to draw collectors from across the region, alongside an art-nouveau mansion. So Chic !

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    A short word for the endNo matter if you live in a cold or hot country, we're on the path to exceed a +1.5 C of warming. Weather is going crazy this year and (of course), in the last decades. You have probably seen or lived how unpredictable it has become. 

    Climate Change is a reality and we need to be aware of. We invite you to read the 6th report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. Otherwise, you can read a short version here.


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