Saint Jean de Luz Beach by Frozen Sailor

Thoughts about of setting up a website

05 09 2019. This website was founded in Bordeaux (France) and has only 15 days old (Frozen Sailor project is older though). The website setup checklist for website amateurs, as I am, is extensive and of course, it implies IT and marketing skills for the most : on-site SEO, off-site SEO, product category management, paying ads management through different channels, customer order, shipping setup, accounting and financial analysis, project management, long term strategy…


Saint Jean de Luz, France

One thing I’ve been using since the beginning : The Google Search Console (GSC). When setting up your website, SEO is perhaps a key element to boost and work on for hours. Well the GSC, among with other SEO tools, allows every website admin to understand the rank of the website in Google for every key word or sequence of keywords. The objective : to generate organic traffic. To attract people who love travelling and loving stories.

En avant !

Do you have some question, suggestions or are you a SEO guru ? leave comment on the contact page or through Instagram or Facebook page.

Francisco • Frozen Sailor Team 🌊 


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