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Updated : October 28th 2019

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Climate Change is real. It’s real a case having an impact on every country, all around the world. We have to accept that humans are having a negative impact on our planted. The impact of global warming is growing : wildfires (Brazil and Indonesia has suffered considerably this year), hurricanes, droughts, flooding….

The Climate Change is having important consequences on oceans, weather, food sources and health.

The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) Global Outlook Report 2019 states that related to Global Climate change, “…overall, there are many reasons for optimism, but much work remains”. We' have seen initiatives by corporations, governments and philanthropy, we cannot miss.

Some quick figures :

  • Carbone Dioxide levels in the air are the highest in 650 000 years…

  • 18 of 19 warmest years on record have occurred since 2001.

  • The Artic Summer has impacted considerably in 2012 : it shrank to the lowest extent.

We must act, at your own level, as consumers, citizens, shareholders, activists or members of Public Entities. From healthy, climate-friendly meals in Germany, to wastewater treatment plants transforming water into biofactories in Chile, the world has seen initiatives at all levels.

More precisely, you can start your own green contribution from $ 1 : On Onetreeplanted Website, you can make a donation from $ 1 in order to plant 1 tree. This website, Frozen Sailor ⚓️, is helping too : for every product purchased,. 1 tree will be planted.

Going green means to vote for those who are deeply engaged in environnement change.

My messages goes beyond any personal ambition : we’re all concerned about climate change and our future generations will be as well.

Remember, Earth is our precious home. We need to act, and act quickly.

More info : You can find a fair amount of information on the information websites and through social media. However, in order to select accurate and objective information, I invite you to check the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), Global Outlook Report 2019 through this link. Nasa has interesting facts, figures and media information about climate change through this link. More Green Initiatives through this one. Or if you’re in a hurry, check this short Youtube video by National Geographic about climate change.

And you can check : A Green World video below.


Article by Frozen Sailor 🌲


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