Working hard for clear results and a fine art too

Working hard for clear results and a fine art too

This website where you have landed right now has been found only 3 months ago, on August 20th 2019. As young professional, with a 9 to 5 week program and a family to take care of, it requires discipline, organisation and motivation.


Quays in Bordeaux, France by Frozen Sailor

Frozen Sailor website has been created for the purpose of brining beauty and travel curiosity to every room you love being at with a Fine Art Print or a Unique Object. Travel and Urban Photography are those photography subjects I have always working on, where my creativity has grown... Over the last 3 months, I have discovered how to develop and manage a website. It requires above all, patience, patience, testing and marketing skills. We cannot miss the IT skills needed for a full, responsive, mobile first website, but I’m not an IT guy, so I work with people ready to help on that field.

Fine Art Prints for those who enjoy travelling, for the curious women and men of the world. For those who enjoy travelling.

Unique Objects for those who love to search for hours for an old map of Italy or Americas. There are more to come.

I am a man of results to be honest. But I enjoy seeing results for everything I do on Day 2. Now, developing a website requires patience (did I already say that ?). Well, after 3 months, what I need is to keep deploying the Strategy for this website and patience… SEO is hard , it can be even harder on Year 1, where a mobile website is paramount and content would put my website on page 1. What’s more, Google has interesting SEO tools to start seeing results for young websites such as the Google Console.

Those Fine Art Prints, the art photography you see on my website is passion to me. I have always being interested on photography : as a young man when I was 12 years old, I started urban photography and never left the subject. Then, came travel photography to me, from 18 years old onwards.

Art Photography sold through digital channels is a project ‘en marche’ (meaning ‘working on, as a machine’).

If you enjoy my content through social media, feel free to comment (I enjoy even more than liking shots). And of course, I can be reached through the Comment Section below or through the Contact Form. It is a pleasure to hear from you.


Article by Frozen Sailor 

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