Tropical turquoise waters from Balaclava, Mauritius by Frozen Sailor

Eden Frais - A Sea Art Print

Covid has clearly changed families, people, the way to think about the economy and life, it’s true. In France, this day was an official lockdown lifts, where restaurants and bars can officially open their doors to the general public, with restrictions applied. Here in France, people have impatiently been waiting for this day. Galleries and Museums, which we look at particularly. are opening too : Musée du Vin et du Negoce in Bordeaux, for instance. Actually several museums are reopening from mid-june, in a few days basically. In some way, things are trying to go back where it were 2 months ago (which clearly won’t happen) … Other countries are also opening their economies and easing restrictions, such as Britain and Germany.

These two months have been a moment to rethink the way we work, we live, we think… Let’s go back to the essentials : a look to the Sea.

The Sea has always inspired me. It has always been a key element of my life and Frozen Sailor’s Brand. There is nothing more relaxing than listening to the sound of the strong waves while lounging seaside. When staying close to the sea, the fresh air, which pass by your body, is filled with ions that positively affect your body’s ability to take in as much oxygen as possible. The Sea is life, it’s a essential part of us/

Today, we have opened the Presale of Eden Frais, a Sea Art Print. This Sea Art print was taken in Balaclava, in the north of Mauritius island. When thinking about the North of Mauritius island, Balaclava to be more precise, is the a place that reminds us that peaceful sea we need to explore, to be close.

I hope this Sea Art Print of Mauritius will conquer your Sailor soul. Or just fish it when time will come.


Tropical turquoise waters from Balaclava, Mauritius by Frozen Sailor

This Sea Art Print is at Presale. More info at this link :

More news about the Sea Art Print are yet come very soon, of course

Article by Frozen Sailor

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