We have gone into quarantine but you there's a tremendous art collection in the digital world. Explore this guide of Free Museums and Galleries online

Free Museums and Galleries Online

We’re living under a global pandemic right now called Coronavirus (or Covid 19) and we have been obliged to stay locked down at home, with family (or simply alone), some groceries and a Netflix subscription. Still, there’s more. than that : take a look into your personal bookshelf, I bet you want to pass some time reading a book. Or what about online art ? Museums and Art Institutions around the world, conscious about this global pandemic, have decided to open their galleries online, from the comfort of your bed or your trendy couch. The complete story is that Google Arts & Culture has made alliances with more than 2500 museums and galleries from all the world.

From New York to Seoul, you will find a Museum that perfectly suit your tastes. So, grab a cup of coffee (or tea) and browse your favorite museum for hours :

Louvre Museum in Paris message by Frozen Sailor



Bonne visite ! #stayhome

Article by Frozen Sailor

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