Seine bridge in Paris, France by Frozen Sailor

Spring & the back to school for adults - The Frozen Sailor Minute

Last year has been devastating for many, in different industries across the world. Today at the beginning of 2021, discussions have shifted from will to when. Things are moving.

This summer we will feel a sort of back to-school for adults : offices will fully (or partially) reopen, travel industry will restart (and how much we miss that), shops, restaurants and bars are preparing their wares. Life as we knew a year ago will restart and isolation will dramatically fall. We hope so.

Most of us are ready to move towards a more dynamic life where ideas are shared face to face on a café instead of lasting Zoom calls. Remote working and studying has its advantages but it has also ripped the life chances from many children and reduced young careers.

What about a back to school for travellers ? The Art Print you see above is one of my memories of Paris Quays of Seine and its bouquinistes : those riverside booksellers offering rare editions, out of print magazines and collectors’ items from their green boxes. We can feel the excitement of sweet summer days at the left Bank; I'm sure that in the months ahead, we will able to walk again through the Quays de Seine as we did once... to enjoy that world we have left a year ago. Link here

Happy reading !

Seine bridge in Paris, France by Frozen Sailor

Culture at a glance

  • $ 38 Million will be collected at Sotheby's Hong Kong Gallery. The Auction House has unveiled plans to stage a curated 5 lot auction titled “ICONS: Masterpieces from Across Time and Space,” which will featuring paintings by Pablo Picasso, Alberto Giacometti, Sanyu, and Zhang Daquian, as well as a Song Dynasty Bodhisattva sculpture from the 11th century.

  • A reflection of the city's colours and vibrancy of the streets overhead, Lisbon's metro is with no doubt the city's largest art gallery. With more than 50 stations on its network, their walls have provided a canvas for artists, designers and architects to reflect the history and culture of Portugal as well as the influences of the local districts they serve on the surface above them.

  • Is Paris a trashed city ? Over the past week, Paris’s leaders are suffering from all the social media campaign under the hashtag #SaccageParis” (“Paris destroyed”), depicting streets strewn with rubbish, overflowing bins and graffiti.
  • Colombian Artists Fernando Botero is one of the most famous living artists from Latin America, known for his paintings and sculptures of exaggerated, voluptuous forms. The creative has produced thousands of artworks in his signature style, known as “Boterismo”, and he continues to be as prolific as ever.

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