Cake & Street art in August - The Frozen Sailor Minute

Cake & Street art in August - The Frozen Sailor Minute

Cake ? Ohh, mon Dieu, we have great news !. August is more than a month for holiday seekers, it's a month for (Birthday) cake lovers.... This month, our website will be 1 Year old ! Such a baby toddler you may think... Actually, our brand is older than the website and we'll love to share the joy of the 1st year with you. We have been working hard at our HQ in Bordeaux. The 1st Year Birthday event will start in days to come, so stay tuned !


Now some words about that photo above : those green plains are a treasure... For years, environmentalists and green enthusiasts have been calling on people to change their lifestyles in order to protect our planet.


Taking care about Earth means to believe on your home... This is why we have launched a Tree Fundraising with a simple message : 1 Euro donated = 1 tree planted through our Tree Partner. That's all. At the end of July, our community of fans, customers and myself have managed to plant around 100 trees in 4 continents and we're thriving... Do you want to know more or do you want to contribute ? Discover our Tree Fundraising here


Happy reading and heathy summer,Aerial view from Arcahon, France by Frozen Sailor


Culture at a glance

  • Sometimes, the best art is not hidden behind a velvet rope, graffiti has for instance became a new art form. So the top cities to discover Street art are New York (Basquiat, Poster Boy) ; London's Shoreditch lanes and Brick Lane with world class ever-changing murals (Baknsky, Stik) ; Melbourne's Wellington Street (K. Haring, Rone, Dvate) and S√£o Paulo's Beco de Batman (Cambuci, Os G√™meos).

  • As a matter of fact, one of these art murals¬†had disappeared at the beginning of August, a mural sprayed by Banksy in London. The piece showed two children throwing what looks like a magazine with the words Birnbeck Pier on it. Have you seen the mural ?

  • July was a month for auction records¬†for Sotheby's in London with¬†Joan Miro's¬†Peinture Femme au Chapeau Rouge, from American investor R. Perelman to ¬£ 28.9 M (‚ā¨ 24.7 M), as well as Rembrandt's Self-portrait for $ 18.8 M (‚ā¨ 15.9 M).


New Art Prints available at our Online Shop (Boutique)


  • Braganza¬†(picture below, left) : impressions from the hilly district of Alfama in Lisbon. The Portuguese capital has all the benefits of a traditional city break, -extraordinary food, culture seen and fancy hotels, as well as stunning beaches and water sports not far. This picture unveils some of the most iconic views of this district in front of the Tagus river. An invitation to learn.¬†Link here

  • Deira 76¬†(picture below, right) : when a friend tells us a story about Dubai, it would certainly begin on a¬†modern skyscraper or during a Yatching session. Dubai offers more than tall steel buildings, record-size malls¬†and luxury tourism. It's also a place for authentic venues such as the spice souk or the Dubai creek where I stumble upon this urban composition.¬†Link here

Braganza district from Lisbon, Portugal by Frozen SailorUrban details from Dubai, UAE by Frozen Sailor
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