Chartrons Local Market in Bordeaux, France by Frozen Sailor

Keep Exploring in September - The Frozen Sailor Minute

We have experienced a very strange summer : heading to our favorite beach under 30° wearing a mask is civic yet painful... Discovering a local Art gallery requires booking a 30-min visit 3 days earlier. And going to a summer festival will.. (oh wait, festivals are gone...). 

Chartrons Local Market in Bordeaux, France by Frozen Sailor

Are we returning to a Middle Ages-like period ? Between the 5th and the 15th century, the world saw Kingdoms arise and plagues spread in Europe and Asia .... At the beginning, the Roman Empire fell by barbarians and viruses. And in 1340s, the Black Death killed more than 40% of Europe’s population (which puts our little problem into perspective...). Today, well, empires are more money-focused and the pandemic is global.

Fear not, dear reader : first, we are conscious that this pandemic can only be controlled by fast and responsible decisions from Governments and privates as well by a conscious behaviours from each of us. Second, social initiatives are flourishing, from small Governments to multi-billion corporations or even artists ! Just take a look to Culture at glance, below. Finally, at Frozen Sailor, we deeply believe in Good initiatives for both society and Mother Earth as well as keeping a positive attitude.
As we can see in the picture above, we are explorers with child's soul. We invite you to keep smiling and learning from this world.

This month, I want to share with you some encouraging news from the Art world.

Stay safe and happy reading,


Francisco SG, founder


Culture at a glance

  • Ohh, mon Dieu ! Have we found the Holy Grail ? The Knights Templar needed somewhere to wash their socks, polish their armour and maybe build a few castles or cathedrals. Famous examples of these 13th-century structures can be found all over Western Europe. Lesser known are the spectacular chapels and fortifications they constructed in western Poland. Now, according to recent investigations, the chapel also serves as the final resting place of several Knights Templar, and appears to conceal a hidden passageway leading to an underground chamber. Maybe, we'll find them...

  • The Brooklyn Museum in the eastern part of New York is selling 12 works from its permanent collection at Christie’s to raise capital for the maintenance of its collection. Works by Lucas Cranach the Elder, Gustave Courbet, and Camille Corot, among others, will be sold across Christie’s upcoming Old Masters and European Art sales on October 15 at the house’s New York headquarters.

  • Good job, Damien Hirst !. The English artist partnering with the italian-based Fondazione Prada to sell a limited number of new photographic prints in an effort to raise money for Save the Children’s efforts in Italy.


Travel stories we want to share

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