Happy 2020 !

Happy 2020 !

Dear followers, fine art lovers and fans,

Happy New Year 2020. You all come from all around the world (every continent has visited this website so far…), from different backgrounds and beliefs and we appreciated that.


Streets in Bordeaux, France by Frozen Sailor

We love sharing curated art content and unique objects. We believe it is our duty to bring beauty, curiosity and sensibility to your living places through Fine Art Prints and Unique Objects. The catalog has been published last year and more items will come this year ! Of course, you’re free to suggest any photo you have seen through Instagram, so it would be available to be printed !

We enjoy telling stories of cities such as Strasbourg (France), Seville (Spain), Chiquinquira (Colombia), Bordeaux (where I live) Mumbai (India). The memories of each place are unique : they are bricks to our home.

We hear your feedback about the website and content in general. This makes the content better and more traveller and fine art-focused.

And finally, we have great plans for your on 2020 : we look forward to share them with you.


So stay tuned though our different channels : Instagram, and News Feed.

In the mean time ! have a nice evening week-end !


Article by Frozen Sailor

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