Green Fields in Chiquinquira, Colombia by Frozen Sailor

Discovering Boyaca

It took 14 hours to finally arrive : from my flat in downtown Bordeaux (with no lift to take my luggage 3 floors below) to the Capital of Colombia, Bogota. I have passed crossed 3 countries : France, Netherlands and Colombia. And here I am, writing from Chiquinquira, in Boyaca region.

So, let’s dive in : some explanations about Boyaca. This region is a ocean of fertile mountains and valleys on the Eastern Range, full of colors that witnessed the battles for independence that gave shape to the northern countries of South America (which are Colombia, Venezuela and Ecuador).

Chiquinquira, a town well known for its fertile region and religious tourism is a must, every tourist to Boyaca won’t be disappointed. It is worth visiting from 2 to 3 days. The Basilica “Nuestra Señora del Rosario”, the curious colonial streets, the kindness of the inhabitants as well as its mountains will make you love this place.

Now, from this town, I’m currently posting on Instagram news about my main duties / passions here, one of them being planting trees. I invite you to check my Instagram.

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