Impressions from urban exploration : Squares

Impressions from urban exploration : Squares

This month, I want to share with you impressions of some European squares I have visited and I personally cherish. Both city squares I’m sharing today are so different and so unique each other. Hope you’ll enjoy and leave a comment and share.

Enjoy :)

The elegant Place de la Comedie, Bordeaux (France)

The first square is Place de la Comedie in Bordeaux. An elegant square, the pride of Bordeaux culture. Is a place where several main streets of Bordeaux converge, including the main and large shopping Rue Sainte Catherine'. At Place de la Comedie you will find two main venues. First, the Grand Theatre by Victor Louis (at the picture, left), inaugurated in 1780 and topped by the 12 statues of Pierre François Berruer representing the 9 Muses and the 3 Goddess.

In front of the Grand Théâtre you will find : The 5 Stars Grand Hôtel & Spa (at the picture, right) by Intercontinental Bordeaux. Other famous are located at Place de la Comedie, including :

  • Le Quatrième Mur, directed by Chef Philippe Etchbest, a restaurant offering fine cooking, "chic bistro" style. Quatrième mur offers a concept devised by the philosopher and playwright Denis Diderot and designates a "wall" imaginary separating stage (Etchebest cuisine and services team) and viewers (you).

  • Le Pressoir d’Argent, : a Gourmet restaurant of the InterContinental Bordeaux. Le Grand Hotel, promises an exceptional dining experience in a historic setting. At the helm, Chef Gordon Ramsay officiates for the elegance of a rare moment...

  • Some cafés and the Apple Store.

You cannot miss both buildings, Grand Théâtre and Grand Hôtel, of course. And last thing : when visiting Place de la Comedie, mind the trams at the middle and settle on the elegant terrasses to enjoy the beautiful sight of la vie bordelaise going by.

Place de la Comedie in Bordeaux, France by Frozen Sailor

The handsome Plaza Mayor, Palma (Spain)

The second square I’m sharing with you is located at in the island of Mallorca, in Mediterranean Spain. Once the headquarters of the Inquisition in Spain, Plaza Mayor (or Plaça Major in Catalan) is now the heart and soul of Palma Old Town. A charming square to visit during summer season (even thought it’s quite hot). Plaza Mayor is an ideal starting point to explore the Palma’s historic center’s narrow cobblestoned streets lined with traditional shops selling in both Catalan and Spanish.
Plaza Mayor is a rectangular open space square surrounded by old arcaded Spanish buildings is the main and largest square in the city. Plaza Mayor (on a normal period) bursts with restaurants (and tourists of course), outdoor cafes, art galleries, and street artists.

Find Plaza Mayor de Palma at the center of the city’s old town directly between the Parc de les Estacions and the Palma Cathedral, with several buses stopping nearby. Many of the shops remain open year-round; however, most of the bars become noticeably quieter outside of the summer months. Live music acts generally appear on weekends.

It is Palma’s Plaza Mayor makes for a great alternative to the beach when the weather is not so good, or when you just need a break from sun bath.

Plaza Mayor in Palma de Mallorca, Spain by Frozen Sailor

Voilà, hope you have enjoyed Place de la Comedie amd Plaza Mayor. Feel free to leave a comment and share.


Article by Frozen Sailor


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