How to Hang Fine Art Prints - Our Latest Guide

 Let’s say you are at your living room (or your bedroom) and you have purchased a beautiful Art Print Limited Edition (probably at our online shot), a fine art tableau or a collection of photographs. And you are thinking of hanging them somewhere close to the door. How will you do it? For most of us, a hammer and some nails will be enough, you’d say that the limited print can be hung “anywhere whenever I have enough space”… right ? In reality, hanging fine art prints is not that simple.

Hanging fine art prints and fine art photography requires attention, creativity, and a clear art “strategy”. If you want your fine art prints to have an impact on its viewers or your mother, well-placed and in harmony to the room, then it is very necessary to choose the place in a intelligent fashion.

Follow these simple steps to hang your fine art prints effectively and with taste.


1. Choosing the right frame for your Fine Art Print

Choosing the right frame for your art prints is essential as it protects your artwork for the long run. In that sense, you must get your artwork framed perfectly. Make sure that the quality of the frame with caution. You can make this by looking at the quality of the materials of which the frame is made of as well as the place where it will be hung. It would be strong enough so it can hold the artwork correctly according to its weight and size without causing any damage to artwork.

Now, have a look at the backside of your frame : you will find what kind of hanging options do you have. You can also do a quick test of the quality of your frame to make sure that it is durable enough to keep your artwork safe for the long run. For this purpose, take some hanging wires, put them in your frame, and lift the frame up and down a few times. You will know if there are some loose or creaking parts in your frame, and you can fix them before hanging.



2. Choosing the right location and wall for your fine art print

Choosing the right wall at your house or apartment for hanging the artwork is a key step : you must know the size, weight, and shape of the artwork that you are going to hang. Then you must see the wall on which the fine art print will be hung. Make sure that if you can drill holes into the wall bricks or if there are tiles, then can they handle the weight of the frame, and what is the surety that they wouldn’t break?.

Choosing the right location is also essential. Please, consider these points before choosing the right place :

  • Prevent the artwork from direct sunlight. It can cause the colors and print of the artwork to fade away with the passage of time. Ultraviolet rays in the sunlight have a bad impact on paintings and artworks in general.

  • There should be not too much humidity and temperature fluctuations in the place where you are placing  the artwork. Otherwise, the paper will start bending due to moisture.

  • On a dry place, just make sure to prevent the artworks from direct sunlight.

  • If you are using artificial lights at the room, make sure that they are at least 12 inches (30 centimeters) away from the artworks.


3. Tools Needed For Hanging the art prints

Choosing the right tools for a hanging fine art prints at your favorite room can make that job much easier. The tools needed are :

  • Hammer

  • Measuring tapes

  • Wall Hooks

  • Pencil

  • Levels

  • Florent Hangers

  • Strap Hangers

  • Drywall Anchors

  • Nail hole and corner fillers


4. Hanging art without a frame

If the artwork has no frame, just consider this : if the item that you are going to hang is really special or it is a really expensive one, then you must use a clip instead of a pin or a nail as it will not cause any damage to the print that a pin our a nail would have caused.


Now, if the piece of art is not too precious, then you can stick it directly to the wall using map tacks or vintage tapes.



5. Tips for Hanging and Installation

As stated above, the hardware that you are going to use will depend upon the material of your wall, weight, and size of your frame.

Fine Art Print from El Jobo, Costa Rica

  • If the artwork is small and the frame is lightweight, the hooks and nails will do the job.

  • If the frame is heavy and the artwork is larger, then you might need drywall anchors or long screws to increase the stability and support.

  • Take the pencil and mark the points on the wall where you are going to insert the nails or hook.

  • After that drive, the pins or hooks into the pencil marks that you have already drawn.

  • After that, carefully hang the piece of art using wire support or brackets provided at the back of the frame.

  • Now you can use a level to make sure that the piece of art is straight and aligned correctly.

  • You can also use your instinct for this purpose. Just take some steps back and observe the picture and can adjust it if necessary

  • Make sure that the artwork should be hung in a way that the center point of the artwork should be equal to the eye level of an average height person.


This how you hang art prints at your living room, I bet you have a clearer view of how to hang it with caution. It doesn’t matter if your limited print shows a 17th century Dutch painting or a local photograph. Either they are fine art prints, beautiful art photography, Print photography, limited prints, or any kind of art photography. You can hang them easily by following the steps mentioned above.


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Article by Frozen Sailor