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The art photography and art market are on the rise, so if you have decided to invest in art photography, it's a perfect time. Now remember that your fine art prints need special care. It is not enough to frame it correctly, but some consideration must be taken to protect your fine art prints. Well, we have a complete pattern on how to take care of your artwork, so they remain in perfect condition for the next many years.

Avoid direct sunlight

Protect your fine art prints by hanging them in an area away from direct sunlight. Because sunlight could cause fading to your artwork and can also make canvas or paper materials brittle, therefore, avoid hanging fine art prints in bright sunlight and near elements.

The ideal is indirect lighting; this way, you will prevent the shine caused by the protective paint varnish. I recommend you put it 2 meters away from work.


Avoid moisture

Moisture and paper are never the right combinations. Therefore, make sure that you do not hang your fine arts prints on the gallery wall that may be affected by moisture. When cleaning the art gallery, it is essential that you do not spray water directly on wall prints glass (acrylic painting), but you can use a feather duster to remove dust on canvas paintings.


Be aware about temperature changes

Another factor that directly affects your wall prints in the art gallery is the humidity and the temperature changes. The moisture expands the frames and fabrics of your artwork, and humidity can also create fungus on the racks of your fine art prints. So to save your art gallery, then always hung your artwork in a moderate temperature environment (20-30 degree Celsius).


Gently removes dust

If you want to clean your art gallery, then always use a soft bristle brush to remove the dust. A little dust is preferable to overly aggressive cleaning. I do not recommend the paint cleaners that are sold in stores and household cleaners, especially if they are in an aqueous medium. They are generally abrasive or have color-altering properties. Paint cleaners can stain your paint and wear down materials. They could cause irreversible damage, so don't use these products to clean your wall prints.


Keep fine art prints free of smoke and contamination

 If you hang your painting on a fireplace, then in a few years, you will see its colors darken. When you place your art in the kitchen, cooking fumes and fats will deposit on the surface of the painting. You can hang your wall prints in your kitchen by protected them with glass. 


Never use Chemicals

 If you are a lover of art photography and want that your wall prints remain safe for your next-generation, then never use chemicals to clean your artwork. If your fine art prints or wall prints need dusting, then it is best to book an appointment with an art photography specialist to avoid any damaging which can be hard or even impossible to reverse.

The more of these precautions and advice you apply to the care of your artworks, the greater will be the life of your artworks. If you have fine art prints or wall prints on your gallery wall, then you can take proper care of your artwork by following these steps.


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Article by Frozen Sailor