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"Travel photography and vintage creations with character, a unique signature to your home. As long as our collectors are happy and curious, so am I !"

Francisco, Founder

The Curious Journey where all began...

Frozen Sailor was founded in 2018 by Francisco SG as an Art Print photography project in Bordeaux, South West France 🇫🇷 : quel plaisir ! 

Sharing his creations and those of adventurous artists through Art prints Limited Edition was a venture he has working on for several years.

Over the past 15 years, those adventurous artists have continually roamed the world in search of maritime, urban and rural panoramas worthy of the most beautiful travel books.

Hydra Island Poster • Greece Photography • Summer Travel • Mediterranean Harbor • Sunny Artwork

Frozen Sailor philosophy

Frozen Sailor's philosophy of travel and creative discovery is resumed in this way :

  • Being a Sailor means to feel both colours and shapes like an explorer and to travel like an artist, to taste planet Earth with all your senses, to connect and share with locals in a respectful way. It means to take the time to discover megalopolis across the ocean, rainforests far way as well as small proud towns near home. To learn from the locals and the way they shape their environment.
  • Being a Sailor designates to capture this world with a camera (or a drone) and a pen, having a deep engagement towards society and environment : each wave ridden from your travel boat is a new discover...

A new way to discover and learn from this world through Art Prints

Whenever they travel to a place, they start by understanding its roots then focuses on how its future is being built. A story around a pictures needs a background, a context, it should tell a compelling story. He needs to thoroughly connect with the destination... Frozen Sailor invites to travel in an aesthetic fashion and shows through its art creations, those details that make a journey around the world unique.

Frozen Sailor brings beauty and curiosity to your living spaces with fine art prints limited edition. At Frozen Sailor, we have taken our time to carefully choose the selection of artworks you see at the Shop. Some of you call them Wall Prints or even Art Prints, right ? These travel art prints will bring curiosity and aesthetics to a living, a bedroom or even a bathroom !

At Frozen Sailor, we are constantly looking for wonder and beauty from uncommon places or on the contrary, from very popular ones with our artworks. Those Art Prints are a selection of images that have been taken from a travel journey, with technique through our cameras, rich in stories, symbols, colours. These creations shape cities, they evoke concepts and natural borders, they translate into values, they are the daily life of locals… From a modern Tv Tower in Barcelone (Spain) to a stunning view from the Top of the Great Wall, or an exclusive from the Indian ocean near Mauritius , each fine art prints and unique objects will bring curiosity, technique, a deep story and inspiration to your living rooms.


Fine Art Prints : Quality is our obsession

At Frozen Sailor, every aspect of the Art Process related to Fine Art Prints (or Wall Prints) is essential to us. This is why we obsessively take care over every single step of the artwork quality process.

From the selection of the DSLR camera gear (or drones), to the time spent creating curious and inspiring images around the globe. From the quality of impression of each Fine Art Prints to how they end up at your doorstep.

Each Frozen Sailor © Fine Art prints limited edition are made to last. Below some details about the art prints :

  • Wall Prints are printed on two main technologies :

    • Fuji Crystal DP II : on ultra modern laser technology. It is crisp and brilliant. Colours are luminous.

  • All Fine Art Prints are printed by our German Photo Laboratory Partner.

  • Art Prints use two types of photo paper :

    • Fuji Crystal DP II is Fujicolour’s leading photo paper for gallery prints.

      • The photo paper of Fine Art Prints has an extremely wide colour gamut

      • It is non-fade for at least 75 years.

  • Delivery time : The Fine Art Prints will be delivered to between 5 to 15 workings days after purchase, depending in the country where you live. 


Otherwise, feel free to contact us.


Living a Curious & Gentler Life : our Manifesto

At Frozen Sailor, we believe that life needs to be lived in a gentle and clever way. This world is going very quick, it is constantly changed and everywhere we’ve being pushed to act quick, and to think less.

Below will you find our manifesto to taking it easier in the years to come. It’s a pleasure to share our beliefs with you. Bonne lecture

  • Eat Locally : find a restaurant near home and invite one of your friends, share this place with him/her and keep it secret. Exploring a neighbourhood restaurant out there is worth a hundred thousand words. Who knows, your neighbour Asian-french fusion restaurant, near your favourite art gallery has a brilliant chef.

  • Think before shooting : digital cameras allow the modern photographer to enjoy from an unlimited amount of pictures, a never-ending story in short. On the opposite side, old analogue cameras push you to consciously think your composition before clicking. Imagine you only have 50 pictures when traveling to Budapest (a 5 day trip). Make your own photo composition in the head, then shoot it.

  • Embrace singularity : singularity starts by visiting your local Art gallery or your city’s world famous Museum and choose two art pieces. Stare at that painting long enough so you will understand the story behind and the artist. To really apprehend Miro’s dream blue or Mondrian’s purity of abstraction. Look at that painting, read the composition, enjoy the colors (or the absence of them), understand the artist at forge your smartphone.

  • Read, read, read : reading is the most powerful tool to understand this world, your world. To imagine kingdoms or concepts you have never imagined before. Whenever you read a book, your will start exercising. Reading is a cross fit for your brain. A myriad of ideas in 322 pages. Or like J. L Borges once said : “I have always imagined that paradise will be a kind of library”.

  • Join a team : when practising a sport, is not always about exercising. A feeling of community and common purpose is beneficial too. Play Basque pelota, Rugby, Basketball or Soccer with your neighbours or your all-time friends. Haven’t you created a team yet ? you’re the next captain: create one !

  • Call Mom & Dad : or just maybe send an email to your brother who lives in NY. Then answer your whatsapp message from your all-time friend who lives 2 blocks away. Quality with people you care about. No further explanation.

  • Plan a tree : or maybe two. Green initiatives are everywhere, from your local organic product store, to an innovative digital art gallery to online influences on social media. One of them will probably convince you to act in a green way. Escape to the forest, read a blog or simply watch the documentary ‘Our Planet’. We need intelligent deeds and good will. We need to act. The Earth, needs from us.

  • Work on a passion project : have you ever thought about your dream job ? it is time to consider a flip on your life. Start a new venture, for instance. Maybe you work on a dream job already : do a hobby you enjoy ! Or simply buy a boat and cross the oceans. It will bring serenity.

  • Choose another route : there’s a pleasure to choose the opposite route, to go against the traffic. Take a day off and choose a place where you have never been before. You will stumble upon an abandoned railway. A full satisfaction for your sens on discovery. Are you afraid of that kind of places ? bring your drone.

  • Switch off your phone : disappear from the digital radars for one day or one week. You don’t have to escape to lonely desert either. Just turn your digital world off for a while. And delete some apps you have never used. Take some time for yourself, go to an art gallery or museum. It is time to meditate . No need to tweet your thoughts, just breath.

What ideas inspire you, are you willing to apply in your life ? feel free to contact us.


Our community

It is a pleasure to share our impressions of this world and to constantly read your comments and suggestions. Our Instagram hashtag #frozensailor, is being used by travellers and creators from all around the world, people who enjoy telling stories with their cameras.

And at Pinterest, we enjoy sharing travel images and Fine Art Prints on a living rooms and bedrooms. At the end, you will enjoy having a travel fine art print we have prepared for you.


Green & Social Responsibility

  • At Frozen Sailor ©, we believe in a social and green future. Learn more here.

  • We never overproduce stock of Fine Art Prints and have minimal waste. We make conscious decisions with nature and earth in mind.

  • We are conscious that a green future is needed. We need to care our Home, Earth. Thus Frozen Sailor has partnered with OneTreePlanted.org to plant one tree for every purchase of fine art prints or unique object. We also periodically increase the number of trees planted around Earth Day and other times of the year. 

  • We have launched a the Tree Fundraising too.

  • And finally, we work 100% remote, we work together.


The Collective : Creatives from all around the world

Artists and story creators love sharing their creations and best addresses all around the world. Our website offers a place to shop Wall Prints but also, to share with the community. The Collective a group of creators and is currently under construction. Now, I you’re interested in joining it, please drop me a message or through Instagram.



You have probably asked questions about the brand, about your Fine Art Prints, about your order or just you have always wanted to say Hi Frozen Sailor Team ! (we understand, we are curious too). Feel free to check the FAQ just here.

Voilà, if you have any questions or suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact us


We hope you enjoy our content and our Art Prints Catalogue. Thank you for stopping by.


Year 2022

Francisco SG  | Founder of Frozen Sailor



Frozen Sailor : With taste from Bordeaux, France