How Artwork can improve your room design ? - A Curious Guide

At Frozen Sailor, we’re proud to present you these guides on home decoration focused on the art world, so let’s explore. Have you ever had a feeling that something is missing in your room? You may have decorated your living room well. You may have re-arranged your furniture, bought a new lamp, added a new rug, purchased several room decor items but it will still feel undone.There is no need to worry, quite honestly. You may only need to add one piece of decoration that brings everything together in a coherent way. Art in a way of fine art print, painting or sculpture is what we’re going to explore today. Fine Art Prints can play a vital role to bring together the elements of a room. Artwork could be a focal point, a color inspiration, a harmoniser, and much more. Artwork can turn your place into a comfortable and soothing space.

 In this article, we are going to discuss how a fine art print or an artwork in general can improve your living room or bedroom design. If you are a true admirer of art and you love to be surrounded by artwork then this post will be very beneficial for you. So let’s begin.


1. Add Movement To Your Room

In the art world, movement is used as a way to influence the viewer’s perception and to direct where the viewer’s eye goes. You can use the piece of art that coveys a lot of movement to create a rhythm between your fine art print and your furniture. You can use the artwork to tell a story. The art print can add more value to your furniture choice and can create an imaginative and original design.

One of the most iconic artworks showing movement is Vincent Van Gogh’s Starry Night


2. Add Color To Your Room

If you want to add colors to your room then what’s the better way to do that than adding some beautiful artwork and colourful fine art prints to your wall? If you are emotionally attached to the place in which you are living and you feel that something is missing then fine art prints can be the easiest way to fill your room with colors. If you do it right by choosing the right art prints according to your room then your room will look polished and complete.

Vincent van Gogh, The Night Café, and Vincent van Gogh, Sunflowers are considered as one of the best artworks for adding color to your place.

3. Fine Art prints Brings A Sense Of Texture

Another way to make your room look great is to add some texture to it. To make it happen you can choose different themes for your art collection. The selection of the theme should be according to your room design and requirements. There are many options in themes like florals, minimalist brush strokes, fluid watercolors, or whatever suits your fancy. It will also help you to balance the scale and texture of your room. By adding an extra layer of texture on your walls in the form of artwork your living room will feel more polished and put together.

“1South Beach Bathers Painting by John Sloan” and “Bouquet of Flowers in an Urn” are famous artworks known for their texture. 

4. It Can Be Your Focal Point

IIt is our nature that a human eye revolves around the room and rest at a focal point whenever you enter a living room. Having said that, you can choose the focal point yourself instead of letting it be a random thing like television or something else. [SAS1] You can put some artwork in your room that suits the decoration of your room. It will act as the focal point of your room and you can be more mindful about your living room or bedroom by choosing something that you really like and suits your style.


5. Fine art prints provokes A Feeling

Art is a very powerful tool, not just to complete your room but it can also make you feel something. Art print can make you feel vibrant and alive or calm and peaceful according to your desire. It is all in the colors, textures, theme, and the way you choose your fine art print to be placed in your living room or bedoom. Studies say that if you place the artwork of your choice in your room then it will make you feel comfortable and relaxed whenever you enter your room. It can also help in lowering depression and anxiety and uplifting your mood when you feel down and low. When you feel alone then art could be the best partner for you in your loneliness.


6. Fine Art Prints introduces A Rotating Gallery

It is human psychology that we get bored of the things that we observe in our daily life or the things that we get used to. The same is the case with your room and your artwork. So, if you are feeling bored in your living room and you feel that you need a change then switching up artwork could be the quickest and easiest way to change the perspective of your room. You can switch up the places of the artwork that are placed in your living roo, and it will help the room to feel fresh and revived. What you can do is, you can also replace the fine art print in your room according to the seasons. It will help you to feel more alive and vibrant in your room and every season your living room or bedroom will feel different and you will never get bored of it.


7. An artwork Makes A Statement

It isn’t necessary for the artwork to be the focal point of your living room or bedroom. You can also use fine art prints to influence a design or color palette and create bold statements. You can think of it as a statement piece that ties it all together. You can make a statement. You can say something about yourself or your personality. You can say something about your taste and style. There could be number of other options. You can choose to be as small or minimal to as big and bold as you like.


You can think of artwork as an investment that allows you to view the world from different perspectives. You can easily enhance the looks of your room according to your style and taste. The best thing about fine art prints is that you can replace them from time to time according to your mood and taste so you won’t get bored with your living room ever. 


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