Surfing with us 🏄🏼‍♂️ : Earn by Sharing with friends !

Every time one of your friends purchases and receives one our Art Prints, you will get either a Promo Code or Cash

Surfing spots


 Your Friend's


Promo Code for you
Or Cash for you
Sweet Break
1 - 99 
15 %
10 €
Cool Waves 100 - 199 €
25 %
20 €
Pro Surfer 200 - Onwards
35 %
30 €


Questions & Answers

I'm interested, what should I do next  ? 

  • Send us a short message with the word "Surfing" by replying to the email we sent you, here or via Instagram. Then, we will send you more details. It's very short and there are no hidden fees or any other condition.

How will you transfer the Cash to me ? 

  • We will pay you to your Paypal, Stripe or Lydia account, once your friend's order has arrived. 

What about the Promo Code ? 

  • You will get a promo code for a new purchase at our store.

Will my family or friend have a promo code as well ?

  • Sure, we will create a personalised Promo code to your relative. 

There's a limit to the number of people invited ?

  • Up to 10 people per customer !